D.A.H.Project in Node Forum For Digital Arts

D.A.H.Project exhibition in node forum for digital arts, Sponsored by Folder Foundation and goethe institut

About Exhibition

D.A.H.Project exhibition in node forum for digital arts, Sponsored by Folder Foundation and goethe institut, including the result of three “shiraz institute of higher education” Students projects and an AR Project curated for showing in the festival.

AR Project

AR Project
Propagating the idea of digital tools as artistic mediums in the zeitgeist of Shiraz, requires reflecting all facets and capabilities of this phenomena to the public, and specially artists; particularly talented, active artists who are not necessarily focused on media arts but have arts related academic backgrounds.
An abundance of young and creative talents, the culturally rich zeitgeist, limited media arts educational platforms, and DAH Project’s hope in the future of these highly potent, fluid indivudals, were the reasons behind aiming for this project.
The current exhibition was realized through reliance on the individuality of artists, respecting their personal medium and mental space, and also opening the door to the endless capabilities of the new media in ideation and representation.
Utilizing the potentials of AR (Augmented Reality) technology, the artist embarks on a novel exploration to expand his mental space and through comprehending and exploiting this tool, connects his audience to another dimension of his artwork.
Through conducting weekly sessions, counseling and aiding the artists, and introducing them to the technical and theoretical potentials of this project, DAH Project has developed these artworks and ultimately, has acquainted the artists with knowledge to do so. A capability very contemporaneous and expansive, which - due to being digital - can travel easily to any other place and rids the artist and his audience from the ardors of radius.

Milad Forouzandeh & Mohsen Hazrati
DAH Project

Technical support : Mohammadamin Haghpanah

Student Proeject #1

Class Project: VFX Class I
How does using digital platforms affect the process of artistic creation, and what advantages do they provide in the process of artistic ideation?
Ever since digital technology merged with cinema, exposing audiences to high quality and physically impossible visual impressions has become possible by VFX (Visual Effects) technologies, through the process of mixing footage with digital entities.
This project has approached this process, not in the same vain as using just a tool, but as an artistic “medium”. A medium, highly able in manifesting the social, cultural, and personal aspects of the artist’s everyday life in a digital format through creative ideation. Not only the vast capabilities of this medium can be utilized by the artist to expand his creative range, but they will also directly influence his perspective itself.
The project was realized through one semester of VFX courses presented to the students of the Digital Arts program at Shiraz Art Institute of Higher Education in autumn 2016.

Mohsen Hazrati

Student Proeject #2

Class Project: VFX Class II
With the advent of the digital era, the style of life in human society has changed in accordance to each society’s respective potentials and level of impressionability. Despite the large scale localizations, this digital dialog is still propagating globally, to the point where certain aspects of it has seeped into humankind’s everyday lives. What part does the digital artist play in this dialog?
Inspired by Iranian classical literature, which is a boundless source of mystical, epic, and romantic tales and poems, this project is an attempt in finding a new, multi-media interpretation of such sources while avoiding creating simple translations of the source material into digital products. In doing so, the project hopes to develop a new digital dialect, which is a combination of the contemporary artist’s personality, and the properties of “Form” in digital arts; the massive amounts of visual data we consume on the internet, social networks and TV act as an alphabet for this digital dialect.
This deliberate emphasis on the form-based nature of the works, was an attempt to take the audience further away from the narrative-based nature of source material, and bringing them “closer to the mind of the artist”. But the products of this very same process might be the “literature” of our digital era. An online collection of an “Electronic Literature”; the e-literature.
Mohsen Hazrati

Student Proeject #3

Class Project: Digital Art Workshop Class
In the realm of digital arts, what exactly deserves to be called “novel”?
Artists have always been at the forefront of their respective eras’ cultural and technological advents.
Throughout the digital era, communication has always been regarded as a readily available process. However, due the blinding speed at which the digital communicative tools of our era are evolving and updating, the core constructs of this process is being neglected. In this digital era, we frequently find ourselves in situations where we do not know who our audiences are, where they are, or whether they’re using the same tools to communicate. The question this project is putting forward is: How do we communicate with such an audience?
While keeping the localized Shirazi culture in mind, this project has used digital tools and technology to produce visuals for an unknown and un - locatable meta-audience. So the chosen visual language should have been engaging, concise, and should have gone through the 0/1 filtering. Something like motion-digital-postcards that stem from the artist’s personal mentality and viewpoint.
The artworks exhibited here are done by artists who were experiencing their first ever encounter with the field of digital arts. Some have used Adobe After Effects and a few others, Autodesk 3ds Max.
This project was realized through one semester of Digital Workshop I courses presented to the students of the Digital Arts program at Shiraz Art Institute of Higher Education in autumn 2016.
Milad Forouzandeh